Set Your New Hire Up For Success!

Set Your New Hire Up For Success!

Your New Hire Checklist

Your business is growing and you have determined the time is right to hire your first, or maybe several additional employees.  Hiring a new employee is a big accomplishment in any small business, and there are a lot of steps involved. Here’s a handy checklist to help you stay organized once you have found the right person to bring on board. 

First things first, the legal and accounting items:

-Signed employment agreement, typically an offer letter. There may also be a supplemental agreement outlining employee policies.

-Payroll documents include:

IRS form W-4

Form I-9

-Copy of employee’s government-issued ID

-Most states require a new hire report to be filed; sometimes your payroll system vendor will automatically file this for you.

-Notify your workers comp insurance carrier.


Next, it’s time for employee benefits enrollment:

-Health insurance


-Any other benefits you provide

-Provide the employee with the holiday schedule

-Explain their PTO and vacation if not already explained in the offer letter


Will your new hire be working in your office?  Set your new employee up for success with the right equipment:

-Desk, chair, lamp, other furniture



-Coffee mug


-Truck, keys

-Computer, monitor, mouse, keyboard, power strip, floor mat

-Office keys, card entry, gate remote, parking assignment

-Filing cabinet, keys


-Office supplies


Your new employee may need access to your computer software systems:

-Employee email address

-Any new user IDs and password for all the systems they will need to access

-Document access


How will your new employee learn the ropes?

-Set up training


Hopefully, this list will give you a start toward making your employee onboarding process a little smoother.