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Ready to Quit Half-Done Bookkeeping and Outsource? Here are your options.

If you’re spending hours logging transactions and reconciling bank accounts (or trying to at least) for your business, congratulations! That means that your business is growing and it’s probably time…

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The Unsung Heroes: Here’s What a Bookkeeper Actually Does

Bookkeeping is so much more than going through old receipts and reconciling bank statements.  Bookkeepers are the superheroes who analyze your finances to ensure that all transactions are labeled, you’ve…

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FEATURED ON: FORBES – How To Set Up Weekly Financial Workflows For Your Small Business

When you’re down in the trenches of your small business — it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day that some of the more mundane operational tasks like finances…

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FEATURED ON: SMALL BUSINESS BONFIRE – How To Pay Yourself When You’re the Boss

How you’ll pay yourself should be built right into your business plan.  How to pay yourself is a question worth thinking carefully about in order to keep your company finances…

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The 5 Financial Numbers You Should Know

Anchor founder, Emil Abedian, was live on Facebook with, talking about The 5 Financial Numbers You Should Always Know. Check it out for some great info for your small…

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How Clients Save Money With Anchor Bookkeeping

Anchor Bookkeeping founder, Emil Abedian, talks about some of the ways our clients save money (and A LOT of time!) by switching to Anchor.

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Why Clients Switch From DIY Accounting to Anchor Bookkeeping

Anchor Bookkeeping founder, Emil Abedian, shares the frustrations our clients had keeping their own books before coming to Anchor.


Anchor Bookkeeping – About Us!

Founder, Emil Abedian, explains how Anchor Bookkeeping got its start. There needed to be a better way for small business owners and freelancers to get their bookkeeping done!

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Most small business owners start their own business because they have a passion or new idea for something, want to be their own boss, or are seeking more financial stability…

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FEATURED ON: FORBES – Leaving Money On The Table

The Most Commonly Missed Tax Deductions For Small Businesses Anchor Founder, Emil Abedian, shares with Forbes some of the deductions that small business owners miss, that could lessen their tax…