ANCHOR BOOKKEEPING – We’re simplifying bookkeeping for small business owners

We’re simplifying bookkeeping for small business owners



GLENDALE, CALIF. – On a mission to simplify bookkeeping for frustrated small business owners, Anchor Bookkeeping announced the launch of its best-of-all-worlds approach to bookkeeping with personalized service from in-house bookkeepers along with CPA-approved financial statements, all on a convenient digital platform with rates starting at $149 per month.  

Anchor assigns each business a dedicated bookkeeper, offers access via phone, text or chat, and provides CPA-approved financials each month, so businesses have the data they need to run their business, while giving them time, freedom and peace-of-mind.

Founded by the owners of Abedian and Totlian, a Glendale, Calif.-based CPA firm, Anchor Bookkeeping was created by accountants who understand the importance of accurate books.

“We found that roughly 80 percent of the books presented to us by small business owners for tax preparation were inaccurate,” said Emil Abedian, Anchor Bookkeeping founder and chief executive officer. “In our experience, clients either attempted to learn complicated accounting software on their own and made mistakes, or hired unvetted bookkeepers based on price, not necessarily their skill level or expertise. Anchor Bookkeeping is a better way. We’ve combined the convenience of technology with the expertise of skilled bookkeepers who can guarantee quality service, accurate financial reporting and peace-of-mind,” said Abedian.

Each client is assigned an in-house bookkeeper to review and categorize daily transactions, reconcile accounts and provide CPA-approved financial reports. Its digital platform offers a chat feature, or clients can text or call their personal bookkeepers with questions.  Additionally, the easy-to-use digital service integrates with all major banks and payment platforms to consolidate financial activity, so business owners don’t have to worry about uploading statements, receipts or providing bank login credentials – making Anchor’s method secure and seamless.

To produce incredibly accurate books, service is customized by industry and business size. Monthly membership includes a current snapshot of company health, accurate financial statements, including profit and loss, balance sheets and general ledger. In addition, Anchor Bookkeeping delivers comprehensive annual reports for tax filing purposes. The pricing starts at $149 and increases to $299 a month, depending on annual revenue.

Anchor serves small businesses with revenue up to $1 million, from freelancers to start-ups, as well as growing companies that are ready to scale. More specifically, Anchor is for business owners who are ready to get smart about how they spend time in their business and are seeking CPA-level service at small business-friendly rates. For more information about Anchor Bookkeeping, please visit


Anchor Bookkeeping was founded in 2018 by the owners of Glendale, Calif.-based CPA firm, Abedian and Totlian, who recognized a need in the market for affordable, one-on-one bookkeeping services for small business owners. The company provides small business owners a secure, price-friendly bookkeeping system that combines the power of an advanced, integrated digital platform with the personalized services of a dedicated professional bookkeeper.


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